Saturday Cultural School


SPRING SESSION BEGINS MARCH 2014: Saturdays from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. 

SUMMER SESSION BEGINS JUNE 2014: Saturdays from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. 

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An African and African-American Cultural Education and Self Image Program 

Video Caption: Every Saturday School Session Begins with our Prayer Chant (Saturday School 21st Birthday Celebration )

Location: Martin Luther King Square Apartments. In the Community Room which is across from the main office which is at 816 E. Florence Avenue, Fresno 93706

In March 2012, Saturday Cultural School celebrated its adulthood with a 21st celebration. Since 1991, Saturday School has contributed to the nearly 1000 youths impacted by The Way Ministries…John 14:6 and its programs. 

With a goal for participants to graduate from high school and go on to post-secondary institutions, Saturday School continues to fulfill its mission to improve self-image, teach responsibility, and instill a joy for learning through cultural education. 

Serving ages 3 -12, Saturday School covers a broad scope of activities including: 

  • Math
  • Field Trips
  • African Dance
  • Arts and Crafts
  • African History
  • African-American History
  • Public Speaking / Drama
  • Culture / Ibo Language

The ministry needs your support to continue serving Fresno’s youth. Please consider donating time or money. Every little bit helps. If you are able to help, please call (559) 233-8546.

Below Is A Video Of A Traditional Igbo Dance Practice At Saturday School and an Informal Performance at the Ministry’s Annual Block Party



Spotlight on Titus Garrett:

(UPDATE: Titus graduated from San Joaquin Memorial High School in 2012. He is already making his mark at the University of California, Davis. Click here to read.)

Titus Garrett came to Sunday School at age 3 as a part of Oye, our youngest age group. He continued to participate in Saturday School as a student until age twelve when he transitioned to the roll of volunteer. Now, Titus is 17 and a junior at San Joaquin Memorial High School (SJM) where he is a star student and athlete. With a G.P.A. of 4.00 and his stellar performance for SJM’s football team, Titus is receiving scholarship offers from Yale, Cornell and Harvard, and has been recruited by a long list of other universities.

Titus has been playing football since the 5th grade. “I’ve always been the smaller kid on the field. People always underestimate me and discriminate against my size, but once I get on the field, it’s a different game,” he said. Titus credits God and his family for his success. “I’m thankful that God blessed me with the talent and I was able to use it to my greatest ability,” said Titus.

When asked how Saturday School impacted him, Titus replied: “It helped me have more pride in my heritage and helped me know where I came from. It’s not all just about slavery. We came from kings and queens in Africa. It gave me more self-esteem.” Learning to speak Igbo and about royal African figures and African-American inventors was of special interest to Titus during his years with Saturday School. “When we had the presentations about which people invented what, and how and why they impacted America, that really inspired me,” said Titus. “Saturday School should always continue to show kids their history.”




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