The Way Ministries...John 14:6 is a 501 (c) 3 faith based organization incorporated with the State of California. The ministry is a non-denominational, culturally diverse, Christian ministry that provides services to individuals and families regardless of their religious beliefs or affiliations.

 Since its inception in 1989, the ministry has been actively engaged in the battle for the hearts and minds, and even the lives of some of most vulnerable children in Fresno. The ministry operates on the belief that there are various ways to minister to the needs of our community.  

The mission statement of our organization is "Changing Lives through Christ." The purpose of this mission statement is to reflect the work we do which is primarily juvenile delinquency prevention. 

The ministry has two flagship projects for children between the ages of 3 and 12 -Saturday School: An African and African-American Cultural Education and Self-image Program, and the North "U" Street Clean-up Project. Saturday School uses cultural education to improve self-image, teach responsibility, and instill a joy for learning. The North "U" Street project uses clean-up and exercise programs to teach the value of hard work, and instill discipline and neighborhood pride. The goal of both projects is for participants to love their neighbor, graduate from high school, and go on to postsecondary education.  

The ministry has served close to 1000 children between both programs. Over the years, some have stayed on to assist in the programs. Some have gone on to two and four year colleges. Some have stopped at the Educational Coordinators office at California State University, Fresno and asked, "Remember me?" Some have come back to North U Street to express their gratitude for providing them a safe haven while they were in the Jefferson neighborhood. Some are gainfully employed and productive citizens, in cities, in and out of California. Through both projects, the ministry board and volunteers have been able to encourage, to re-direct, and to strengthen children and their families, in our neighborhood, and in our community.  

In 2007, The Way Ministries...John 14:6 implemented its vision for a local church, The Way Ministries…John 14:6 Christian Fellowship, in the Jefferson neighborhood. 

The Way Christian Fellowship is located at 2940 Fresno Street Fresno, CA 93721

Our Board of Directors





Images 1-3 (From Left to RIght)


Image 1: Current Board Members Pictured Left to Right:

Rory Quince, Bernard Okwelogu, Randy Treece.

Seated: Rev. Henry I. Oputa


Image 2: Current Board President Apostle William T. Broadous


Image 3: Board Member Chris Boling
















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